Cinnamon Honey Weight Loss – The Cinnamon Honey Weight Loss Drink

Cinnamon Honey Weight Loss

cinnamon honey weight loss For many people, losing weight and gaining that fit body is of outmost importance. Having the right body can be flattering aesthetic wise. Getting the body that you truly desire can be helpful since it can greatly boost your self-esteem as well. Aside from looking great on the outside, a fit and slim body can be beneficial to your health since you can avoid several medical conditions that are predisposed by obesity. While losing weight can be a great idea, it requires a lot of time and effort. We all know the drill. In order to lose weight and get that slim body,

you’ll need to hit the gym and start eating healthier as well. Aside from crunching those muscles to burn all those fats, you can also make use of various diet techniques. One of these techniques is the cinnamon honey weight loss drink. This nutritious weight loss drink is the key to getting to that desired weight faster. When this slimming drink is partnered with plenty of exercise, you are one step closer to getting a knockout body.

Get the Body That You Want With the Cinnamon Honey Weight Loss Drink

We often add cinnamon powder to our cappuccinos and honey to our tea, but many people aren’t aware that when you mix the two together, you get one tasty yet powerful drink that can help you shed off those extra pounds a lot faster. The cinnamon honey weight loss drink is supposedly one of the most effective and controversial weight loss drinks today. Unlike other weight loss drinks, the cinnamon honey weight loss juice is easy to prepare and it has a very delicious taste that will leave you asking for more. Are you wondering on how you can make this drink on your own? The steps are actually very simple.

cinnamon honey weight loss

To make the cinnamon honey weight loss drink, all you need is a cup of water, a half-teaspoon of cinnamon powder, as well as 1 teaspoon of honey. The type of honey that you use for this recipe is entirely up to you. You can use local honey or any other type of honey that will fit your taste. While other types of cinnamon powder will work for this juice, there is a certain type of cinnamon that may yield different results. An example would be cassia, which is a type of flavoring that is sold as a cinnamon. While it is indeed sold in most stores as a type of cinnamon, it doesn’t actually belong in the same group of spices. Using cassia in your cinnamon honey weight loss drink may end up to different results. To be on the safe side, you can use cinnamon types like the Indonesian cinnamon and the Ceylon cinnamon for your weight loss drink.

Here is a step-by-step guide on how you can make your own cinnamon honey weight loss drink with the ingredients that we’ve listed above.

  • Take out a small saucepan and combine the water, cinnamon powder and honey in it while placing the saucepan on a medium heat flame.
  • Allow the honey, cinnamon and water mixture to boil in the saucepan.
  • After boiling the mixture, let it cool down for a few minutes. Take out two cups and pour the mixture in the two cups.
  • The cinnamon honey weight loss juice in the first cup must be consumed 30 minutes or so before your breakfast, while the juice in the second cup must be consumed one hour before sleeping.

cinnamon honey weight loss drinkThe best way to get fast and amazing results is by drinking the cinnamon honey weight loss drink everyday for twice a day. Drinking this juice everyday can help a person lose as much as 4-5 pounds in as a little as a week. Make sure that you stick to the recipe if you want to get the best results as well. One way you can also keep the nutrients found inhoney in this weight loss beverage is by adding the honey after the cinnamon and water mixture has come to a boiling point. The cinnamon honey weight loss juice is becoming more and more famous since it is a very convenient diet drink. Not only are the ingredients very easy to find, preparing the juice itself will take no longer than 10 minutes.

How Does This Drink Help Me Lose Weight?

These ingredients have been around for a long time. We add these ingredients to food and drinks we often consume and yet most of us never thought that the two could actually work as a weight loss drink when combined. But how exactly does the honey and cinnamon for weight loss drink help people lose all those extra fats?

There have been many articles and reports that have mentioned that the honey and cinnamon mixture can actually help you lose weight by putting an end to the accumulation of fat in your body. These reports also mention that cinnamon may actually have an effect on your blood sugar. Consuming cinnamon is said to help an individual break down sugar in their blood stream. If the sugar is properly metabolized, it won’t be converted into fat. These reports have also noted that cinnamon would have a more noticeable effect on abdominal fat when compared with fat found in other parts of the body. Honey is also a very popular antioxidant that can do many wonders to the body. Add these two together and you will have a very promising health drink that can help you lose weight.

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68 thoughts on “Cinnamon Honey Weight Loss – The Cinnamon Honey Weight Loss Drink

  1. Diet honey and cinnamon to lose weight 3 kg in a week

    Would you like he lost some kilograms of weight in a few weeks? Are you looking for an easy diet is boring?

    The diet of honey and cinnamon will help you to lose three kilograms in a week and are depend on the white honey drink mixed with crushed cinnamon, where you must eat mixture of honey with a spoon Grinded cinnamon in a cup of warm water 6 times daily before each meal half an hour.

  2. If your making this in the morning do you double the amount or drink 4oz in the a.m. And another 4 in the p.m.?

  3. I have tried it for the past four days and yes it is working best to me. My family went dinner outside (for some pizza, pasta and veggie salad). Prior to that i had drank a mug of warm honey-cinnamon water 30 minutes before dinner….and lo and behold, the food i had eaten had breakdown easily…I think cinnamon is a good source in fat burning because cinnamon is commonly used/add up to some fat burners caplets sold in health stores.

  4. Hi , u should only heat up the cinnamon and water first , than when cooled add the honey, as heat can kill all the required enzymes and nutrients in the honey especially if u use raw. But I am going to try this. What type of cinnamon did people use ?


  5. i believe this will work effectively and its the most natural effective way of losing weight. also if you study the people that live in the jungles of africa honey is their number one food source and they never get fat n sick like we do.

  6. I have tried this but cannot get past the “texture” of the cinnamon in the drink. It did not dissolve completely when the hot water was poured over it. Any suggestions on what I might be doing wrong. I am using ground cinnamon found on my grocer’s shelf.

    • The texture can be smoothed out if, after adding the hot water to the cinnamon, you let it sit for 30 minutes or so. Then when cooled, add the honey.

    • hi nana i agree with you. I started to stir n stir really good before drinking and you will notice the tickness becomes less or better yet use a fork

    • I have the same ground cinnamon as you it will do that mine it it as well and I just close my eyes and drink it down I look at it this way I said I will have a great body doing it do it got to set ur head to it

  7. to Admin , and all people here,

    This works as i had used this in last month and lost around 5 kgs and 4 inches around my belly. But one caution for using cinnamon use only Ceylon cinnamon or True Cinnamon which is lighter in flavor , sweet and delicate- mostly grows in India , Sri lanka. The other variety of Cinnamon is Cassia which is not good for health. More you can find on search.
    How to find difference:

    Cinnamon and cassia sticks, however, have obvious visual markers which make them easy to identify:

    cassia is dark, reddish-brown whereas Ceylon cinnamon is light tan in color
    cassia sticks form a “double-scroll” whereas Ceylon cinnamon appears rolled like a cigar
    cassia is thick and hard whereas Ceylon cinnamon is thin and brittle

    but -Most important to lose weight – have healthy lifestyle and do exercise.

    • Hi Anshu Can you buy ceylon cinnamon any where? I’ve been told that any cinnamon is good therefore I’ve been using cassia

    • Please guide me as , in the morning I have to take this mixture on empty stomach or before the breakfast. And night time is it before the bedtime or any specific time before bedtime/sleeping.

      • It is better to take it on empty stomach, before breakfast, at night it is better to take it 30 minutes before go to bed.

  8. I’m confused. Other sites say we shouldn’t cook the honey together with the cinnamon. Should we or not? Is it ok to drink it more than 2 times a day?

  9. Do I need to drink the ground cinnamon particles (it makes me want to clear my throat frequently as the particles sticks to my throat)?

    Is it alright to let the ground particles sink to the bottom (I have steeped the ground cinnamon in hot water for 15 mins prior to adding raw honey to the warm solution) and then drink the mixture?

  10. Hello i try this tips i hope it works on me im dying to loss weight bcoz im so fat,but it is normal that after boil it becomes sticky.?

  11. After my delivery i had a very big belly was very difficult to select clothes as it will be shown out odd in all my dresses, i tried cinnamon honey its been 4 days i can see my stomach tightenning and nt flabby and loose as before hoping to reduce weight soon…..

  12. Fingers crossed this works I have 70kg to lose and amongst diet and exercise I’m willing to try anything

  13. I am having trouble finding Ceylon cinnamon. Any suggestions where I can buy it (other than on-line)?

    • I bought my cinnamon from an herbal farm in Florida. You can go to their website. Make sure you get the ceylon cinnamon. It is very reasonable price. I use raw unpasteurized honey, you need to do this for the health benefits. If you get off grocery shelf even if it says pure honey, most likely it is pasteurized which means heated and therefore the health benefits are negated, i.e. anitbiotic and more. I love the raw honey, I buy mine from local health food store. It is like a light colored paste. Most grocery store honey is really from china and usually has something added to it and they don’t have to tell you.
      Florida Herb House for cinnamon
      use the honey on apples, toast, make the tea, etc. If u use the other type of cinnamon it has blood thinning properties and you may have a lot of problems because of that. Ceylon does not.

  14. Ceylon cinnamon is available in Holland and Barratt. …it is not necessary to make a powder of it…just boil few sticks and when they are infused then add honey…to make the drink more powerful you can add two cardamoms and few drops of lemon juice in it. ….my mum and granny used to have this drink for ages and now I drink it religiously. …it is very effective

    • Hello Noor, When you say it is very effective, do you mean it is very effective or weight loss and maintenance?
      Thanks for your input.

  15. Do we have to drink it while it is hot/warm? Or can you make it and drink it when it is cold or room temp.?


  17. I have tried this before and couldn’t get the honey to blend in. It just kept its little blob and wouldn’t mix in. What am I doing wrong? The mixture really did help “cleanse my system”, which meant it made me go to the bathroom right after. But pairing this drink with lots of water, I really felt good.

  18. ok my question is it plainly says cinnamon powder so why is people asking about cinnamon sticks and cinnamon ground if it clearly states it is powder isnt this what we are to go by do have it work right not ground not sticks but powder or at the top of this where they give us the directions it would of stated other wise so please correct me if im wrong because i would like to loose weight like everyone else and dont want to be confused seeing everyone is saying everything else except for what they told us what to use ???? thank you

  19. I put cinnamon in a cup then poor boiling water in,when cooled add honey, is that ok, or do i need to boil the water an cinnamon together? thanks

  20. Today is Day 1 of my Cinnamon Honey Diet, I had the tea this morning (on an empty stomach) and will have it again before I go to bed. I’m trying to lose weight and have been on a 1000 calorie diet for almost 2 months now, I’ve lost 12 pounds and need to lose 10 more pounds. After drinking the tea I’ve noticed I’m not as hungry and didn’t snack as much as I usually do. I’ll try this for a week and will keep you posted on the results.

  21. Hi drinking this mixture one hour before sleeping means that this should be consumed after our dinner or there should be any gap left after our dinner and consuming this drink?

  22. Thanks for your valuable comments. I’ll definitely try this method from this week. I want loss 12 Kg.

  23. how do you get two cups of liquid out of one cup? the recipe calls for one cup of water – but when cooking, you are putting it in to two cups. are you making a double batch? please explain. thanks.

  24. i was wonder the same thing do u have 4oz twice a day for 8 twice a day??im doing cup in the morning and another before bed

  25. Not sure if it’s just me or not but does anyone else feel bloated throughout the day? I feel my pants a bit looser but for some reason i feel my stomach huge. ANYONE facing the same? tnx

  26. I just started drinking this today and I have not snacked as much as I usually do I’m wanting to lose at least 10-12 pounds and I’m trying to eat healthier along with doing this drink i will see how it goes. I hope it works.

  27. I have researched about this and found a few articles online. Most are unanimous in saying that only RAW honey should be used and CEYLON CINNAMON. Using both suggested ingredients apparently produces optimum results. I know this is quite troublesome with a little research both items are available. I had ordered mine online (AMAZON)
    You are not are not supposed to boil the honey as this will negate the benefits you get from it. What I do is boil the cinnamon , and have it as a tea and just eat the honey as it is. For me it is easier.
    I have only done it for two days but have notice my tummy
    feels different, less bloated . I am definitely confident it is doing something and I am hoping to get definite results in a week or so. I need to lose 20 lbs. Good Luck to All!

  28. I must say I was skeptical about this drink, but after reading all the questions and answers
    will be trying.All the diets I have tried have failed no results. Would like to know can u us the
    regular store bought cinnamon and honey? Will it have the same effect when mixed and
    used as directed? Thanks.

  29. Hi. I am having cinnamon and honey water for about two months. I have seen no change in my weight. Can someone tell what to do.

  30. I made 64oz of lime, ginger, cinnamon and honey and drank it for a week May 28 to June 2, 2015. I lost 4 lbs in 6 days. I was very surprised because I’m very muscular and i did not think i had much
    body fat. I used 64 oz of water, 3 medium limes, a medium size of ginger and a table spoon of cinnamon. Brought it all to a boil and discarded the limes, and ginger into the trash. I drank 4-5 cups a day, one cup every four hours. these 64oz lasted two days.

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